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Interior design overview

The purpose of interior design is to create an indoor space environment for people to serve, designers should always put people on the indoor environment requirements, including material use and spirit of both, on the design of the first place. Due to the complexity of the design process, designers need to be conscious of the people-oriented, human services, grasp the elements of interior design, to create a meet the needs of people and interpersonal needs of the interior design.

Seven Useful Interior Design Tips For You

First, Interior Space Layout

The basic elements of interior design is to rationally plan the interior space, the use of space can give people the feeling of beauty, and the times are constantly evolving and progress, a lot of aesthetics is constantly improving the art, as the protagonist of the new era, we Should be for their own good life to explore the use of new forms of indoor space, do not rigidly adhere to the original restrictions for our interior design to seek better space creativity.

Second, Pick The Right Interior Color

Scientific research, color will not only have an impact on the visual environment will also affect our emotions, psychology and so on. Scientific color is good for work and health. Color processing properly, both to achieve the basic functional requirements and can achieve the effect of the United States. In addition to the indoor color must comply with the general color of the law, but also with the changes in the aesthetic outlook of the times. In the interior design must pay attention to the selection and use of color.

Third, Make A Interior Sunlight Shadow

In the interior design, people prefer large bay windows, because it can introduce more sunshine, better to see the beautiful natural scenery outside, transparent feeling can eliminate the dark sense of the room and a sense of closeness, especially the top light And soft scattered light, so that the interior space is more cordial and natural. Light and shadow of the transformation, so that the room more colorful, giving a variety of feelings. So in the interior design of the time to focus on the production of light and shadow effects.

Forth, Make a Interior lighting plan

If you’re starting from scratch or redecorating a interior, create a mini brief or lighting plan that tackles the essentials. Think about what activities take place in each interior space (eating, relaxing, working), key features of a space you want to highlight and what architectural boundaries you may need to take into account. Consider style, scale, output and even colour temperature of lights before you go rushing into design decisions. Early planning makes for less headaches and rushed last minute decisions.

Fifth, Interior Decoration Element

Indoor indoor space indispensable building components, such as pillars, walls, etc., combined with the need to be decorated, can together constitute a perfect indoor environment. Make full use of different decorative materials, texture characteristics, you can get thousands of perfection and different styles of indoor art effect, but also reflects the regional historical and cultural characteristics.

Sixth, Interior Furnishings Element

Indoor furniture, carpets, curtains, etc., are necessities of life, its shape is often furnished with features, most of them play a decorative role. Practical and decorative two should be coordinated with each other, the function and form of unity and change, so that the indoor space comfortable and decent, full of personality.

Seventh, Green The Interior Space

Greening in interior design has become an important means of improving the indoor environment. Indoor flowers planted, not only can communicate indoor and outdoor environment, but also can expand the sense of interior space, in addition, the natural flowers and plants can also add space to life, to bring a different life experience.

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