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Want to have to meet your dream home, we must learn how to communicate with the interior designer, how to communicate with the decoration division, which not only have the patience, but also need skills.

Like the bride standing in front of the altar, full of hope to own the rest of my life to the other half of the same, when you will finally buy the house, the right to the trust of the interior designer, always hope that their Help, there is a comfortable and practical home space. But most of the time, you are actually uneasy, because you do not know if you can not 100% trust in front of you the designer.

To find a trusted designer, in fact, through the collection in advance with your favorite style of the designer related works. In the positive contact, the most important thing is that you have to ask questions and listen carefully to the designer’s answer to your question, from which to determine whether the designer fit with you. The following is an example of the problem.

Skill 1

Know what you like? To detail with the designer to explain their own preferences, some people spend a lot of time in bed, the bedroom will pay special attention. If you attach great importance to social life, the living room design should be very particular about the space can not be too small. If you love the kitchen, the kitchen of the functional, can not be ignored. The same also let the designer know their favorite style, is a modern modern, or classical Buddhist style, you can collect like or do not like the decoration magazine pictures, so that designers clearly and then master your taste.

Skill 2

Detailed description of family members, painting family members such as the left page, tell the designer, the design of the house how many people want to live, the age of why? What kind of job do you have? What are their own preferences? The future development of family members, whether it may increase or decrease, especially in the home of preschool children or elderly elderly, but also to specify that the designer in the design to meet the needs of all.

Skill 3

In front of the meeting, it is best to determine the designer’s price, but also clear and honest to inform the burden of their own ceiling, a good designer not only will design a beautiful house, but also know how to help the owner to save money, control the budget, When the budget is not enough, hastily completed, but destroyed the original design.

Skill 4

When meeting with a designer, clearly list all the questions and prioritize them to prevent them from forgetting and ensuring that important issues are addressed.

Skill 5

The best and the designer about to meet in the decoration of the house, you can let him see the house, help to the actual field of communication problems.

Skill 6

The first meeting on the proposed designer to paint or cloth with the swatch samples, directly to the scene to compare, so more clearly the effect of color, after all, the color involved in personal preferences, to their favorite Caixing.

Skill 7

Honestly say their own preferences and disgust, when the designer shows the design of the drawings or the choice of color, you really do not like, do not be afraid to offend the designer, after all, people are you, so be sure to say Out of the real feeling, in order to allow designers to decorate your ideal home.

Skill 8

With the basic design and decoration knowledge, communication should have a common language, the designer also has a unique design and decoration of the terminology, if you can understand its meaning, communication, even more with less. The printing of the magazine about the design and decoration by a lot of people around the design and decoration of the house experience a lot of friends and family, may wish to read more or to ask someone else.

Skill 9

And designers to communicate, to ask what the project is necessary to do, what projects can save money? Designers can help you prioritize, and if you do not have enough budget, you know how to allocate your budget.

Skill 10

Require the designer to set out the timetable of the decoration works and the way of payment, you can easily raise the cost of decorating.

Skill 11

To understand the design, the designer will complete the design will be designed to the owner read the design, there are many kinds of plans, there are plans, elevations, perspective, etc., of course, the design and the actual design and decoration out of the real scene, There is a gap, but if you look at the map, the gap can not only narrow, but also will not be painted by the designer of the United States and the United States designed to fool.

Skill 12

On the building materials to be understood, a lot of design is to rely on building materials to create a material, like the feeling of wood is warm, and the stone is more cold, the designer will come up with the design materials to the owner to pick, but usually only Take the sample, can not be fully presented, if the material can understand the building materials, to better grasp the design and decoration of the key.

Skill 13

The main function of the interior designer is the use of space, especially in the design of the storage space. It is important to help the owner to make the reservation through the design. But is it necessary for the owner to cooperate? Storage purposes, such as safe, it is necessary to make it clear to the exact construction.

Skill 14

If not commissioned by the designer to buy furniture, it is best to ask the designer to make recommendations, it will not buy the wrong furniture, destroyed the original style. Whether to continue to use the original furniture or intend to add new furniture, and designers should discuss, so as not to conflict with the space with.

Skill 15

If the contractor in the end, the two sides best to set out all the work of the contract and related costs, and before signing, to clarify all the provisions.

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